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Find Your Best Denim Fit

"Jeans have become this neutral foundational garment. If you want to show you’re relaxed—if you want to be relaxed—you wear jeans." 

—Daniel Miller, author of Blue Jeans: The Art of the Ordinary

Forever cool, casual and comfortable, men’s jeans stand out as a practical, everyday essential. Endlessly versatile, they span from day to night as a staple in every guy’s closet. But never mind the myriad washes, treatments and iterations to choose from—it’s the fit that matters most.

DEVIL-DOG® offers six distinctive styles of jeans by fit:


Fitted through the hip & thigh with a streamlined leg shape
What sets apart this style is its 14-inch leg opening. While showing sneakers in their best light, it’s also a go-to option for guys who don’t want excess fabric at the hem. 
Best for: Tall, lean frames, and/or men with skinny legs


Straight through the hip & thigh with a straight leg.
Known as “the everyman fit,” the Slim Straight jean complements most body types. Relaxed but not too loose, it’s designed for those who prefer a straight fit with a spacious hip, thigh and seat. Ideal for anyone trying a stretch jean for the first time, it also works for guys who don’t want a tapered leg. With a 15” leg opening, it suits a variety of footwear options—from sneakers & boots to dress shoes. 
Best for: Average-sized or short men, in that it elongates the body’s frame 


Looser through the hip & thigh with a full leg.
Comfort defines the Relaxed – Straight jean, in that it’s tailor-made for guys who don’t want to feel constricted. It also shares several key features of the Slim Straight fit: no tapered leg; a straight fit with extra room in the hip, thigh & seat; and it complements footwear ranging from sneakers and boots to dress shoes. 
Best for: Men with large waists and/or wide hips; slim men; tall men; short men (since it lengthens the body’s frame)


Even roomier in the seat & thigh with a tapered leg.
Don’t let the name fool you. This style isn’t just for athletes—never excessively tight at the thigh, the Athletic jean silhouette suits anyone who craves comfort. With a regular waist, its hip and thigh are wider. Tapered for a tailored effect, it can go from casual to relatively dressed up with ease. 
Best for: Muscular, average- & plus-sized men

Boot Cut

Straight through the hip & thigh with a leg opening that easily fits over boots

Relaxed Boot Cut

Easy through the hip & thigh with the widest leg opening 
Synonymous with Western wear, classic boot-cut jeans blend a straight-leg silhouette with a tailored fit (wider at the bottom with a 17” leg opening). While relaxed boot-cut jeans echo the relaxed straight fit, their hems are noticeably wider with 18” leg openings. 
Best for: Muscular, average & lean men
Length (the measurement of the inseam, from the crotch to the leg opening) stands out as another consideration for the right fit in men’s jeans. In addition, the break is where the front of the hem rests upon the instep. For the most accurate fit, consider having your exact inseam measured professionally by a tailor. 
Overall, the most complimentary jeans for men “should fit perfectly right below the waist, have enough ease to sit comfortably and hug all of the right curves,” explained Tara Swennen, stylist for actor Matthew McConaughey, in Men’s Health Magazine. 
Stacie Pettersen, head stylist at Beyond Bespoke Tailors in New York, offered another helpful hint to help men find their best-fitting jeans. While the “correct” fit—as in how tapered straight-leg jeans should be, or how skinny slim-fit jeans should look—revolves around current trends, it’s the waistline determines the right fits for each body type. “The waist should fit completely—there should be no gaps at the waistband,” she told Reviewed, a division of USA Today.

Need More Tips?

Some additional points for finding the perfect-fitting jeans: 
• Don’t go up by one size. No one wants to feel constricted, but this will only result in a baggy, sloppy effect. 
• Stick to the “two finger” rule: Jeans should fit so that you can stick two fingers into the waist, leaving plenty of breathing room for ease of movement. 
• Try the thigh test: Jeans should fit comfortably on your thighs—never tightly. Pinch the extra denim on your thigh: You should be able to feel about an inch of spare fabric so that it won’t pull on your knees as you walk or bend. Too much excess fabric on the thighs? Size down, if possible; if the waist is too small, a tailor can adjust your thigh width accordingly. 
• That’s a wrap: Denim devotee Sean Connelly, DEVIL-DOG®’s Vice President of Men’s Merchandising & Sales, (who was super excited to demonstrate below) suggests wrapping the waistband of jeans around your neck like a cape, Superman style. When you can cross the edges, you’ve found just the right size. 
Ultimately, jeans won’t be flattering if they’re too large, too small or don’t complement your body type. From muscular, stocky, lean & athletic builds to average, short & tall heights, there’s a pair of DEVIL-DOG® jeans that’s exactly right for every guy—helping him to look good and feel confident. Complete the look with our tops (from jackets, denim shirts, hoodies & crews to henleys, polos & tees) as well as accessories (including hats, belts, bandanas & socks).

Written By: Vanessa Groce