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Lycra® DualFX® are stretched fibers used in many of our denim fabrics for added comfort, ease of movement, extra flexibility, and long lasting fit.

Liquid Indigo Eco

Liquid Indigo Eco is an eco-friendly alternative to powder indigo, and cuts back significantly on caustic soda and water usage.


Repreve® is a performance fiber made from recycled materials, including plastic bottles! Repreve® is used in several of our denim fabrics and all of our pocketing.

The Better Cotton Initiative (BCI)

Better Cotton™ Farmers produce cotton in a way that cares for the environment, minimizing the negative effects of fertilizers and pesticides, and caring for water, soil health and natural habitats.

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TruTemp 365®

TruTemp 365® fibers create the ideal micro climate between you and your clothes. Fabrics that use this technology work to cool you on warm days by moving moisture away from your body. Alternatively the insulation properties help keep you warm on cool days.

Recycled Cotton

Recycled cotton is made from landfill-bound fabrics and materials that are shredded and broken down to raw fiber and then re-spun into yarn to be reused in new fabrics. Our rigid denim jackets are made with 10% recycled cotton.